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Submit to search engines
When your site is OK, the search engines help you let the world know you exist. A search engine is a site that can act as an “index” to the Internet (like the Yellow Pages). 
VisualVision and NetApplications developed the service "Submitter" ( to help you submit your site to search engines. 
With Submitter we submit your site once a month to 1500 search engines, announcement services and classifieds for one year. Also, with one click, you can resubmit your site any time you want. For example, if you are updating your site often, we let you re-submit every time you change your site. 
Every submission produces a detailed report on the results. 
The service includes the Meta Tag Generator (free without purchase) that creates for you the so called "meta tag" (major search engines rely on the information in your meta tags to determine your ranking; you can introduce meta in EasyWebEditor with "Insert >HTML >At page start") and the Page Analyzer, that finds out immediately if there 
are problems that will keep your site from being listed.  Our spider analyzes your site for 60 common mistakes that stop sites from being listed or hurt your ranking. 
Creating and updating your Web site should be a pleasure - not a mess... With EasyWebEditor everything is managed at once, so you have both features and... quickness! Click here for more info 
Once your Website is up and running, it is interesting to measure its performances. If you spend money (advertising) it is important to measure which ads pay and which do not. We have a powerful tool for this, click here for more info
When your site is OK, the search engines help you let the world know you exist. A search engine is a site that can act as an “index” to the Internet (like the Yellow Pages). Click here for more info. 
Often, your servers appear to be working just fine from within your office. What's more important, however, is if your site is accessible from the rest of the world. A monitoring service ensures this. Click here for more info. 
As you probably know, a Website creator program alone is not sufficient. If you want the whole world to be able to see your Web pages (your personal ones, or your company Web site) the pages have to be hosted on a computer permanently connected to the Internet. Click here for more info. 
The simple way to accept credit cards on your Web site created with 1SITE or EasyWebEditor is the Pageville shopping cart. It can insert Paypal and Pageville "buy" and "checkout" buttons. Click here for more info. 
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