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Popular Web Software
All time
1. GeoBlock 1.05 (1387)
2. ODBscript 3.0 (1357)
3. EasyWare Shopping Cart 4.008 (1319)
4. MSSQL to MySQL converter Tool (1282)
5. HSLAB HTTP Monitor 1.8.1 (1184)
6. Querybot Web Knowledgebase/FAQ 1.3 (1153)
7. Universal SQL Editor (1239)
8. Rpv Reports Steel 5.3 (1086)
9. Virto SharePoint Gantt Chart Web Part 4.0.0 (1265)
10. Simple DNS Plus 5.2 (973)
11. FileCOPA FTP Server 1.01R (883)
12. Warden 1.44 (953)
13. webcamXP 2006 2.25.325 (825)
14. Video Cam Server b1.0.0 (821)
15. siteMETA 2.1.10 (821)
16. HTTP Debugger Pro 3.6 (830)
17. Trilent Mail Proxy 1.8 (730)
18. BarracudaDrive Pro Web Server 4.2 (801)
19. httpZip 4.0.7 (828)
20. WebDelegator 1.0 (762)
21. Live Chat Software (746)
22. Python Operating Environment (867)
23. Digital e-Commerce Online Shopping Cart Software 1.6 (734)
24. Zen Cart Performance Module 2.1.0 (728)
25. Coalesys Internet NewsWire 1.2 (687)

This week
1. Virto SharePoint Gantt Chart Web Part 4.0.0 (10)
2. siteMETA 2.1.10 (5)
3. Video Cam Server b1.0.0 (3)
4. DA-HtAccessManager 1.1.0 (3)
5. EasyWare Shopping Cart 4.008 (3)
6. Rpv Reports Steel 5.3 (2)
7. Trilent Mail Proxy 1.8 (2)
8. MSSQL to MySQL converter Tool (2)
9. HSLAB HTTP Monitor 1.8.1 (2)
10. Live Chat Software (2)
11. Jquery Slider Shock 2.0 (2)
12. WebDelegator 1.0 (2)
13. Universal SQL Editor (2)
14. FileCOPA FTP Server 1.01R (1)
15. HTTP Debugger Pro 3.6 (1)
16. Zen Cart Performance Module 2.1.0 (1)
17. Querybot Web Knowledgebase/FAQ 1.3 (1)
18. IISKeeper 2.3 (1)
19. GeoBlock 1.05 (1)
20. Warden 1.44 (1)

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New Web software / scripts, last 20 additions

Adwords monitor bot 1.2.4 Jan 20, 2021 20:07 Major Update
Auto monitor Adwords ads with windows application bot With build-in proxy checker! This windows application bot will help you to monitor Adwords ads in real time. With this bot you can easily track performance of your Adwords ads
More information...

Virto SharePoint Gantt Chart Web Part 4.0.0 Jun 23, 2017 13:41 New
Virto Gantt Chart Web Part for SharePoint is a practical project management web part designed for displaying and managing SharePoint tasks in Gantt view. Virto Gantt Chart Web Part is highly customizable project planning solution.
More information...

DA-HtAccessManager 1.1.0 Apr 26, 2017 10:26 New
Create password protected areas for your homepage. Manage the users with DA-HtAccessManager. nce you have created the users in the application, you can upload the update with the integrated FTP upload function.
More information...

Python Operating Environment Jul 20, 2016 8:25 New
Visral OE (Operating Environment) lets users efficiently access all the power of Python by means of sentient editors, separate input output portals, selective execution, and much more; simplifying and improving the Python experience.
More information...

IISKeeper 2.3 May 27, 2013 6:01 New
IISKeeper allows you to easily protect resources of your site by password. A protected resource is a folder containing subfolders and files or a single file.
More information...

Jquery Slider Shock 2.0 Apr 10, 2013 11:38 New
Jquery Slider Shock is a powerful slider for any website powered by either jQuery or WordPress. It is also available for free for personal use. It adds the ability to easily integrate text, images, audio or video from both local and external sources.
More information...

Universal SQL Editor 1.4.7 Mar 25, 2013 20:59 New
Intellisense enabled SQL editor for Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, etc., with SQL formatter/beauifier, query result supports grouping, filtering, searching, and can also be exported to Excel spreadsheet or as a set of SQL statements.
More information...

Openfind Enterprise Search 3.0 Jun 22, 2012 8:27 New
Openfind Enterprise Search (OES) is designed for easy installation and simple configuration, allows setting up intranet heterogenous data search in minutes. OES shareware allows 30 indices and up to 50,000 documents per index.
More information...

Warden 1.44 Jun 22, 2012 8:25 Major Update
Warden is a .htpasswd and .htaccess manager for Apache-based web servers. It applies password protection to any web folder or resource in three easy steps: Edit user accounts, Edit FTP information, and apply. Now Apache authentication is a snap!
More information...

httpZip 4.0.7 Mar 28, 2012 11:41 New
Port80's httpZip Microsoft IIS Web server software accelerates sites, speeds up Web-based apps, and reduces bandwidth costs dramatically. HTTP compression shrinks the size of common Web files safely and automatically provides browser compatibility.
More information...

Digital e-Commerce Online Shopping Cart Software 1.6 Mar 7, 2010 14:58 New
With Digital e-Commerce Online Shopping Cart Software It Is Easy To Run A Professional Internet Business And Recruite Affiliates. It Supports Any Number Of Digital Downloads Products.
More information...

Zen Cart Performance Module 2.1.0 Jan 23, 2010 15:07 New
Zen Cart Performance module greatly increases performance of your Zen Cart-based store.
More information...

Zen Cart Getprice Data Feed 8.3.8 Dec 21, 2009 13:01 New
Zen Cart Getprice Data Feed is a Zen Cart contribution which assures the easiest export of your products into - Pay-per-Click services. You will be able to upload new file at any time from your Control panel with one mouse click!
More information...

Coalesys Internet NewsWire 1.2 Dec 6, 2009 15:09 New
The Coalesys Internet NewsWire is a customizable news distribution system built upon web technologies.
More information...

BarracudaDrive Pro Web Server 4.2 Nov 20, 2009 19:57 New
BarracudaDrive is an easy to use web server for small businesses and home users. The server includes the following plugins: Content Management System, Electronic Bulletin Board, WebDAV Server, Web File Manager, HTTPS tunnel, SSL VPN tunnel clients.
More information...

HTTP Debugger Pro 3.6 Nov 8, 2009 12:36 New
Regardless of whether you are maintaining a complex corporate web site or running a personal blog, the HTTP Debugger Pro will assist you in locating the web site errors and identifying slow performing web pages.
More information...

EasyWare Shopping Cart 4.008 Jul 20, 2009 19:45 New
EasyWare Shopping Cart allows merchants basic HTML skills to add powerful e-commerce features to their existing web sites. It allows creation of unlimited products and web sites, supports multiple languages/currencies and popular payment providers.
More information...

WebDelegator 1.0 Jun 30, 2009 19:35 New
WebDelegator is a server solution that permits a collection of web servers to be hosted on a single IP address. The software accepts connections on a particular address, and establishes connections to the appropriate web server to fulfill requests.
More information...

Simple DNS Plus 5.2 May 12, 2009 8:53 New
The simple yet powerful DNS server for Windows. With Simple DNS Plus you can hosts your own domain name, or simply speed up Internet access by running your own DNS server.
More information...

ODBscript 3.0 Mar 29, 2009 17:48 New
ODBscript is the world's easiest scripting language for developing interactive, database-enabled Websites. Also ideal for Rapid Prototyping. Runs as a CGI (or offline) to process HTML files with embedded script programming. Uses ANSI SQL through ODBC
More information...

Rpv Reports Steel 5.3 Jan 13, 2009 19:25 New
Create reports from any programming language and any operating system. Rpv is the right tool to produce graphical reports from WINDOWS, DOS or UNIX environments. GwBasic or C++, Cobol or Clipper / Fivewin, the results will always be professional.
More information...

Live Chat Software Oct 22, 2008 18:58 New
Chat Stat's Live Chat Software allows you to chat live with your website visitors. Chat Stat offers you the ability to proactively chat live with visitors and track the results. Language Translation, Conference Rooms, Screen Sharing now available.
More information...

MSSQL to MySQL converter Tool Oct 22, 2008 14:51 New
Distributed MSSQL database converter software migrate database from MSSQL to MySQL and does not make changes in records. Database conversion application supports all versions of MS SQL server (200, 2005) and MySQL (4.0, 5.0, 5.1) databases.
More information...

HSLAB HTTP Monitor 1.8.1 Jul 13, 2008 14:08 New
HSLAB HTTP Monitor is a handy real-time performance monitoring and statistics analysis software application for Apache servers, which are used ubiquitously in the web hosting industry.
More information...

siteMETA 2.1.10 May 4, 2008 16:12 New
Fast and easy to use site search tool at affordable prices, supports most European languages, indexes up to one million files etc. Requires zero administration. Free trial.
More information...

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