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textonly It can be a time consuming task to create and upload those critical

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Date: 01/17/2007
Install support: Install
OS: Unix/Linux
System requirements: Perl, Webserver
Language: EN

textonly 1.1
[Homepage] - by: CrookedBush.com Inc. - Download links for textonly

This script automatically converts pages on your site to 'text only' on the fly for those who want faster access and don't have a quick modem. It maintains most links within the site, removing images and table tags and doesn't harm links outside of the site. Simply put a link to the script on each page, and the script does the rest. It reads the data on the page, removing non-text information. A good way to use the script is to include a link to it in a "server side include" that goes on every page automatically. I always do this on my sites for headers, footers, middle page ads, and links. That way I can change all the information on the whole site very quickly and easily. By adding a link to this script in your links list you can automatically convert pages to plain text. The way the script works? It's quite simple, really. It checks to see which page it came from (unless there's a page specified for it in the URL). It opens one of these two pages and removes all the HTML tags that aren't plain content. It then redisplays the page in the browser.

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I am totally wowed and prepraed to take the next step now.

I see, I supsope that would have to be the case.

Why does this have to be the ONLY reailble source? Oh well, gj!

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Absolutely. Most enterprise users of open socrue software will be prepared to pay for updates it's just a different model to the normal commercial one of buying the software and get the updates for free of course more recently we've seen buy the software and then pay for mandatory support subscriptions too (e.g. VMware Infrastructure 3 although VMware have free products too).

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textonly,consuming,critical,textonly,versions,instant,created,automatically,converts,maintains,removing,outside,nontext,information,include,include,automatically,headers,footers,information,quickly,convert,specified,removes,content,redisplays,browser It can be a time consuming task to create and upload those critical "text-only" versions of your web pages to the server. Now there's an easier way-- one little script in your cgi-bin and viola! instant text only pages created in real time.