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Free-Busy Folder Make use of Outlook's Free/Busy information when scheduling appointments wit...

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Date: 02/17/2008
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Make use of Outlook
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If you use Outlook in a small office, you've probably wished more than once for a way to use the scheduling features. It just doesn't seem worthwhile to drop a lot of cash on the Exchange Server when there are only a handful of employees. There are alternatives which make use of IMAP folders, but these can be hard to deploy. Free/Busy Folder is a viewer program which allows you to remotely interact with your co-workers schedules. It has lots of great features like interactive time zones, searching for specific individuals, day-at-a-glance, and more. Take a look at how I implement this script for my office by clicking the [try] link below. If you would like to see another feature, please don't hesitate to ask.

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 Download good Web site Web page software, client and server, freeware and shareware: MSWindows, Linux, Java, Javascript, Perl, CFML, PHP, ASP, Python, Pocket PC, Palm, OSX, Cell phone, buy Quality professional applications, commercial programsMake use of Outlook's Free/Busy information when scheduling appointments wit... FreeBusy,Outlooks,FreeBusy,information,scheduling,appointments,without,expensive,Exchange,exchange,alternative,coworkers,Outlook,probably,features,worthwhile,handful,employees,alternatives,folders,deployFreeBusy,program,remotely,interact,coworkers,sc

FreeBusy,Outlooks,FreeBusy,information,scheduling,appointments,without,expensive,Exchange,exchange,alternative,coworkers,Outlook,probably,features,worthwhile,handful,employees,alternatives,folders,deployFreeBusy,program,remotely,interact,coworkers,sc Make use of Outlook's Free/Busy information when scheduling appointments without buying the expensive Exchange Server. This exchange server alternative allows you to view the busy times of your co-workers.