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PrayerWall This script is great for churches: put a prayer wall up on your web site.

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Date: 05/12/2009
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This script is free for a limited time. Does your church web site have a way for people to post prayer requests? If not, this script may be a nice enhancement. With the integrated RSS feed, people can subscribe using their RSS reader and always have the latest prayer requests available. Be alerted everytime there is a new request. Even allow the whole church to subscribe to requests (using a group, such as Yahoo groups). When there are new requests, the group gets an email and the RSS feed is automatically updated. There's a sample script running in the 'test area,' so give it a try. Login as 'admin/password' to view the adminsration area. New:The format for saving requests has changed, so if you're updating this script from a previous version, you will need to re-enter your old requests.

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You really found a way to make this whole prcseos easier.

If only there were more clveer people like you!

It's good to see someone thnkiing it through.

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 Download good Web site Web page software, client and server, freeware and shareware: MSWindows, Linux, Java, Javascript, Perl, CFML, PHP, ASP, Python, Pocket PC, Palm, OSX, Cell phone, buy Quality professional applications, commercial programsThis script is great for churches: put a prayer wall up on your web site. PrayerWall,churches,request,submitting,congregation,praying,limited,timeDoes,requests,enhancementWith,integrated,subscribe,requests,availableBe,alerted,everytime,request,requests,automatically,updatedTheres,running,adminpassword,adminsration,areaNewT

PrayerWall,churches,request,submitting,congregation,praying,limited,timeDoes,requests,enhancementWith,integrated,subscribe,requests,availableBe,alerted,everytime,request,requests,automatically,updatedTheres,running,adminpassword,adminsration,areaNewT This script is great for churches: put a prayer wall up on your web site. Allow anyone to post a prayer request by submitting a form. Keep your congregation praying, and in touch with the prayer needs in your church.